Drive footfall to your fashion store in 3 easy steps

DressMe is a location based advertising platform for fashion brands and retailers, designed to increase "in-store footfall" at an affordable monthly cost.

Set location

Provide simple store details, including address, postal code, phone number, opening times and company profile.

Add products

Simply list your brands, product categories and the target age and gender group.

Get found!

Consumers searching for the location of your products, brands and stores will see your store information appear in web search results.

Efficiently manage and publish location based data

DressMe creates efficient location based data management, and seamless
publishing to location based service channels.

Efficiently manage your location data
Create, maintain and validate accurate store records
Access and control your information from a single user interface
Streamline your LBS claim process
Add store specific products and brands
Seamlessly publish into LBS channels
Synchronise and submit
accurate data across LBS platforms
Provide consumers with accurate information
on demand
Publish Messages / Offers / Specials into LBS channels
DressMe listing & store finder
Destination site for
fashion consumers
Helps consumers find location of stores, brands and products
Generates traffic to your site, and footfall to your stores

Maximise your social, web and mobile reach through new and emerging channels

DressMe provides a single user interface to manage your location channels, creating dynamic in-store marketing opportunities, more footfall and an extended brand presence.

Optimise your location based service channels

Location Based Services (LBS)
such as Foursquare and Google
are essential for fashion store
owners. DressMe helps to
maximise the value in these

Increase your natural
SEO rankings

Local content ranks very highly in search engine results.
Therefore, submitting the correct
information vastly improves
your overall search engine positioning.

in-store footfall

Over 75% of consumers
research the web before visiting
a store. DressMe ensures that
your location information is
accurate across all channels
which helps to increase
in-store footfall.

Increase your
online traffic

DressMe creates individual
pages for each of your store
locations, meaning more
content links and better
targeted online traffic.